In each area of Tanba-shi, Tamba Sasayama-shi, there is various Spot feeling ancient history and culture from little-known spot to popular spot.
As we place business hours and means of transportation, barrier-free information, information various until foreign language correspondence in detailed information,
You find favorite spot, and please go to visit.

Event information EVENT INFO

In each area of Tanba-shi, Tamba Sasayama-shi, various events are held depending on season.
As there is event that we can participate in from child to age every month, right or wrong, please participate with your friends.


Have charms of Tanba area (Tamba Sasayama-shi, Tanba-shi); take a picture,
You put hashtag "# ryotan", and please post on Instagram.
We look forward to many amateur pixes from all of you!
※As this photograph is general contribution from Instagram, free downloading becomes not intended.

Instagram post 17987738320287476 Baker living on one foreigner in Shinoyama, Tanba.
Baker who is always sold out with popularity.
Baker who is less crowded only for three days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Do not want to go; or (*^^*)

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