About Tamba Area


Beautiful village forest,
Trip to get heart in blessing of the four seasons.

It is about one hour by car from Hanshin interval.
Located at the middle eastern district of Hyogo Tanba area consisting of Tamba Sasayama-shi and Tanba-shi
It is village of megumi where the mountains which range to several folds and countryside spreading quietly spread.

Clear air and rich nature, beautiful rural scenery which is still left.
About 75% are the forest in 870 square kilometers of total areas; Tanba area called "forest of Tamba"
Town is in forest, and there are the fields, and there is living of people.

Month and blink of star that positive rises, and positive is sunk, and to glitter.
Village of Tamba is surrounded to rich nature today and continues trip around the four seasons.

It is local sake in potato, chestnut, black soybean, Shozu.
Hot spring, dekansho, on the ice corridor, Botan-nabe.
When is ticked away by delicious thing, in appearance of history
Trip to get heart when heated to be heated.

Welcome to forest of Tamba.

Forest of Tamba

Town is in forest, and there are the fields, and there is brook, "forest of Tamba" with village

Area where culture harmonized with nature and person
We call "forest of Tamba" and we protect carefully and bring up

For forest plan of Tamba, we place whole Tanba (Tamba Sasayama-shi, Tanba-shi) as forest of Tamba. Model Austrian "forest of Vienna." Forest of Vienna is about 1,250 square kilometers, and there is town in very large forest, and there is church, and there is vineyard, and there are communities.
About 75% were the forest, and there was town in 870 square kilometers of total areas in forest, and there were the fields, and there was brook, and there was village, and Tanba area was suggested because we resembled image of forest of Vienna. Inhabitants of Tanba area put this thought for "forest declaration of Tamba" of 1988, and they practiced. It is connected in the current figure of hometown Tamba who can be proud of the result to original scenery and reason, whole country of Japan.

  • Scenery to stand out seasonally

    Scenery to stand out seasonally

    Annual heat and cold difference, warm difference of the night and day bring about beautiful scenery every season.

  • River where water is divided, and level is clean

    River where water is divided, and level is clean

    In the source area such as the Kako River, interchange on the Seto Inland Sea side and the Sea of Japan side is born and brings up various living things.

  • Mountain village and communities and town along way

    Mountain village and communities and town along way

    We leave farm village communities and castle town, feature of post town along old way in now.

  • The mountains which surround area

    The mountains which surround area

    Forest cover is about 75%. We surround that line of the mountains continue and surround area.

  • Forest where dinosaur lived

    Forest where dinosaur lived

    Led by "Ryu Tamba" largest in the country, discovery of dinosaur and mammalian fossil continues.

  • Culture of agriculture, culture of forest

    Culture of agriculture, culture of forest

    In addition to culture of agriculture including Tamba medieval noh farce and Tamba ware, we are brought up in culture of forest including international music now.

Technique, tradition of Tanba area
We hand down in history

Commencing with "Tamba ware" and "dekansho festival" authorized to inheritance of Japan in the Tanba area Ryu Tamba fossil studio "building of chi - sputum"
A lot of historic resources exist. In addition, we can have various experiences using the rich naturally comfortable topography.
You walk cityscape while feeling atmosphere, and please enjoy history and culture of Tanba area.

  • Tamba ware (ascending kiln)

    Tamba ware (ascending kiln)

    The origin dates back to the Heian era until last years, and we kick with ascending kiln, and one of Japanese six old kilns "Tamba ware" inherits tradition technology with potter's wheel in now.

    The details are this
  • dekansho festival

    dekansho festival

    It was evaluated that song was accompanied by the world of Dekansho song that we read one in the present age, and traditional culture and climate and life every times that prospered as castle town of Sasayama-jo Castle were authorized to Japan inheritance of Agency for Cultural Affairs.

    The details are this
  • chitanno building

    chitanno building

    Dinosaur fossil of titanosaur form which prospered in river charges valley of the Tamba Ichiyama south area in the first half year in the Cretaceous for the Mesozoic was discovered, and it was big topic. The name called "Ryu Tamba" is acquired and gains popularity as new tourist attractions.

    The details are this
  • Paraglider experience

    Paraglider experience

    The Tanba-shi northern part can experience paragliding by the topography where ascending current of air is easy to happen. We can overlook mountain range of Tamba from the sky, and enjoy, and seasonal superb view gains popularity.

    The details are this

Season of seasonal Tamba
Please appreciate

The ground of abundant harvest comfortable to soil of quality of clay which saved heat and cold difference peculiar to basin and deep fog nourishment, clear air and clean water nature,
We brought up perfect gem of mountain, special dish of village seasonally from ancient times.
As for the meat of black soybean winning fame in the whole country including rice which excelled in tenacity and sweetness and wild boar and deer which ran through large-grained variety of the adzuki bean, yam, chestnut, the fields and mountains, and were brought up,
Ingredients of Tamba pride send "mouth fortune" to people.

  • Botan-nabe


    As for the traditional dish "Botan-nabe" eaten for a long time in Tanba area, taste of meat and vegetables melts into stock made with miso and warms up body from core. As for the pleasure to compare by there being secret taste for each shop, and eating miso.

  • Tamba black soybean

    Tamba black soybean

    Grain is big, and leather is not torn even if we boil, and the feature is that it does not become purple. It is used for New Year dishes well, and edamame of youth is high in popularity, too.

  • Tamba yam

    Tamba yam

    As soil and climate are suitable, it is cultivated widely in Tanba area. It is also called another name "fog potato" (drill potato) and tenacity is strong and is used as raw materials of high-quality Japanese confectionery other than Tororojiru, boiled barley covered with grated yam.

  • Tamba chestnut

    Tamba chestnut

    There are kinds such as "ginki" "Tsukuba" "Tanzawa", but, in fact, we greatly boast of quality that features sweet taste, and is high and are done all with one of the superlative degree products in chestnut.

  • Tamba large-grained variety of the adzuki bean

    Tamba large-grained variety of the adzuki bean

    Kasugachohigashinaka, Tanba-shi is the birthplace. It is said to origin of name of "large-grained variety of the adzuki bean", "stomach named adzuki bean which is not broken large-grained variety of the adzuki bean even if we boil without committing harakiri even if chief councillor of state does unsheathed sword inside the palace that we finish.".

  • Local sake of Tamba

    Local sake of Tamba

    We have abundant water poured from the mountains of Tanba area blessed with natural environments and bring about environment that is most suitable for the making of rice and sake brewing. In addition, local sake which is known as village of Tamba chief brewers, and succeeds the tradition, and is made is special dish.

"Meal" list of Tanba area

"Aimlessly paths of Tamba"
Promotion movie

Promotion video to introduce charm of sightseeing and trip of Tanba area to was completed.
You feel the four seasons and history, culture, and come to Tanba area by all means.