Tamba map

Access to Tanba area

While there is in the suburbs of Hanshin metropolis, "Tanba area" consisting of Tanba-shi and Tamba Sasayama-shi can access by train and car from Kobe, Osaka located at the middle eastern district of Hyogo in one way around one hour. Clear air and rich naturally comfortable rural scenery which it is beautiful and misses are still left for this ground that the forest area accounts for about 75%. Come to Tanba area full of this nature by all means.

  • Figure of railroad access

    Figure of railroad access

    Train in the case of the use

    We arrive at Sasayamaguchi Station in a little over one hour when we take Fukuchiyama Line from JR Osaka Station. Each station of Shimotaki, Tanikawa, kaibara, Iso, Kuroi, Ichijima, Tambatakeda enters Tanba-shi at the south sequentially in Tamba Sasayama-shi each station of Kusano, Furuichi, Minamiyashiro, Sasayamaguchi, Tambaoyama. In addition, by JR Kakogawa Line, Tanikawa and two Kuge village stations become Tanba-shi. By the way, the next Tamba-Takeda Station station is Fukuchiyama Station.

  • Figure of road access

    Figure of road access

    Car in the case of the use

    Seeing from the Osaka area, we enter Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway at Yoshikawa (river) JCT on Chugoku Expressway.

    [from Tamba Sasayama-shi or Kaibaracho, Tanba-shi, the Sannan-town area]
    Tannan Sasayamaguchi IC getting off
    [from Kasugacho, Tanba-shi, the Ichijima-town area]
    Tannan Sasayamaguchi IC - Kasuga IC getting off
    [from the Hikamicho, Tanba-shi area]
    Kasuga IC - Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway - on the ice IC getting off
    [from the Tanba-shi Aogaki-town area]
    Kasuga IC - Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway - on the ice IC - Aogaki IC getting off

    After the high easy method getting off, Route 176, 372, 175, prefectural road Route 7 become main highway.