"Aimlessly fate is appropriate in basic policy (privacy) about the following personal information that the citizens of Tanba station to run paths of Tamba", and to manage recognizes importance of protection of personal information and prevents infringement of personal right profit accompanied with the handling of personal information; act to handle.

About the acquisition of personal information

At the citizens of Tanba station, we may collect personal information of customer that our site is used as far as it is necessary for smooth administration of service (inquiry, event conduct, questionnaire) to offer in our site.

About the use of personal information

When we use personal information, we perform within the use purpose appropriately and, except legal case, will not disclose to third party without consent such as customers.

About disclosure, correction, deletion

We cope immediately after customer confirmed that it is the person when confirmation of your personal information is hoped for. In addition, when there is error in personal content, you perform correspondence of correction, deletion immediately, but please note that there is item which we cannot delete in business administration.

About the observance of laws and ordinances, model

We observe laws and ordinances applied about personal information and other models and establish regime to achieve the purpose mentioned above and try for continuous improvement.

Reference about personal information

About proposal of request for disclosure or opinion, request, please report to the following window.

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