Tamba cotton "creation building"

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We each brought grasshopper machine in Kurikara, Sasayama-shi district from around 1973, and we reopened production of Tamba cotton which broke off at one time and spun hand, and it was revived in handwoven cotton cloth by dyeing with vegetable dyes, the traditional manufacturing method by handwoven textiles by the mechanization of the Meiji era. It is active with creation building now.
Please contact original hall for the purchase, visit of Tamba cotton.

Name Tamba cotton "creation building"
Address 1319, Kurikara, Sasayama-shi, Tanba
TEL 079-593-0922
Business hours 9:00-16:00
Regular holiday The opening day: From Monday to Friday
Remarks ※When you come, please contact beforehand.
Correspondence service
  • Parking lot
  • Non-smoking
  • Restroom

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