Prefectural Tamba Namikimichi Central Park

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Tamba Namikimichi Central Park is Tamba area's first wide area park becoming base of interchange of wide area recreation, city and farm village based on "forest plan of Tamba" and regional activation.
It is park which can sense space of attractive forest bodily by participation in planning and collaboration of citizen of the prefecture as base bringing up three "rings" of "life (naturally), people (human being), occupation" (industry) that this park is shown in "dream vision of Tamba".
For a time to spend in the making of woodwork, thatched private house using the forest walk and thinnings, "we can participate in various experience activities including imported reddish rice cultivation and the making of manure (burnt ashes) in Haiya (hanya)} in Tanada.

Name Prefectural Tamba Namikimichi Central Park
Address 90, Nishikosa, Sasayama-shi, Tanba
TEL 079-594-0990
Business hours 8:30-17:30
Regular holiday We do, and facility use stops for New Year holidays
Rate Admission charges, parking lot for free
※When entrance fee is necessary, there is experience-based activity. Reservation required.
Correspondence service
  • Parking lot
  • Wi-Fi
  • Restroom
  • Multipurpose restroom

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