Village of Otani Mongolia

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It is here that can experience Mongolian life while being in Japan including gel restaurant which accommodation with gel (mobile tent) which Mongolian owner removed and rebuilt from Mongolia and Mongolian dishes can taste. It is another world in gel.

Name Village of Otani Mongolia
Address 41-1, Ochikata, Sasayama-shi, Tanba (the grassy hill hot spring Kannonyu yard)
TEL 079-592-0051
Business hours We usually accept accommodation of the day before on Saturday on Friday on Sundays and holidays.
Regular holiday On Thursday
Rate Please confirm formal HP.
Remarks When you wish to stay weekdays, please consult from inquiry form of formal HP.
In the summer, we accept reservation not only the weekend during long holidays, the year-end and New Year period.
Correspondence service
  • Parking lot
  • Group is possible
  • Meal
  • Eat-in
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pet companion is possible
  • Restroom
  • Multipurpose restroom
  • Barrier-free
  • English correspondence is possible

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