Large country temple

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Early in the Muromachi era, two Dainichi Buddha sedentary images, Amitabha sedentary image, White Guardian of the East statue, god of treasure statue are put in the main hall of a Buddhist temple built by Chinese style and Japanese-style compromise type, and is appointed to important cultural property of country with the main hall of a Buddhist temple. Large country temple and Tamba tea Festival are held in June.

Name Large country temple
Reading daikokuji
Address 162, Ajimaoku, Sasayama-shi, Tanba
TEL 079-594-0212
Rate Admission fee to a temple: 300 yen
The main hall of a Buddhist temple admission fee: 500 yen (impossible in the chief priest absence)
Remarks Parking lot: Around ten
Correspondence service
  • Parking lot
  • Group is possible
  • Meal
  • Eat-in
  • Pet companion is possible
  • Restroom

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