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It is celebrity with building keeping the main hall of a Buddhist temple (prefectural designated cultural assets), formality including bell cherry blossoms in Motoyama in Rinzai sect Myoshin-ji Temple group erected for life of governor-general of the Kanto area Yoriyuki Hosokawa. In addition, generals for seven generations are left bottom a lot of cultural assets such as "red-seal letter" which referred from Tokugawa General Yashiro Yoshimune. It was enrolled in country registration tangible cultural property in December, 2014. One of nine temples of Tamba maple circulation.

Name keinichiji
Reading enichiji
Address 127-1, Sannanchooda, Tanba-shi
TEL 0795-73-0303 (thorn tourist information center)
Remarks Meal requires reservation
Part of barrier-free is possible
Correspondence service
  • Parking lot
  • Group is possible
  • Meal
  • Restroom
  • Barrier-free

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