The ruins of Kuroi-jo Castle

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Typical Yamashiro trace that remains of an ancient structure of the age of civil strife just exist with history to date back to the north and south morning service charges on the mountaintop of 356m above sea level. View from the 360-degree mountaintop spreading out is fantastic. Another name is called Hozuki-jo Castle. Country designated historic spot.

Name The ruins of Kuroi-jo Castle
Address Kasugachokuroi, Tanba-shi
TEL 080-2548-0432 (village information dispatch corner of Roadside Station Tamba grandmother)
Remarks The up castle road of the ruins of Kuroi-jo Castle has two of gentle course and steep slope course.
There is Inokake gate on the way, but please climb even if you climb from whichever after closing by all means after having opened.

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